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River's Country Cattery Welcome's You

Here For You & Your Hairless Pets

  We Fell Completely in love with this breed and therefore want to share it with everyone! Our cats are so very loved by every member of our family, and will be socialized around all ages! Our kittens are born & raised in our home! We have lots of experience with kitties and all our kittens will come with all proper testing, vaccinations, health certificates, microchip & spay/neuter. Your Kitten will also come home with a goody bag filled with everything you'll need to get started with your new kitten! Kittens will go home between 11-12 weeks. 

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A Little More About Us

  So we live in South Ga. in a more rural area and when we decided to look for a special hairless friend for our family, we had to look far and wide. So we settled on a reputable breeder in Fl. but the drive was long and was an all day affair. We of course would do it many times over to get our lovely, sweet Cats! However we became very aware of the shortage of Sphynx, Bambino, Elf & Dwelf breeders in our area. At the same time we were showing pictures to anyone who would take the time to look at our new kitten and then her sister within a few months as well! We kept getting so many compliments and thought to ourselves that people are actually interested in these wonderful, exotic pets but they aren't offered locally, which makes it harder for any family or person to know if they are reputable or to afford to make the long journey to pick up etc.. So we decided we wanted to offer this breed of cat to everyone in our local area and still to those outside of it as well, because some people have no trouble with the traveling and may just fall in love with a kitten from our Cattery! We give them all the love & care they deserve! They are our family and we hope you are here to add to your family as well! Have any questions. Please feel free to ask!    


We are a TICA registered cattery



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(229) 230-1131

Adel, Ga. 31620

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